Life after El Internado: What to watch next

Today marks one of the first days this summer where I haven’t had family in town or been traveling–ahhh, summertime!  One of my goals for this summer is to devour another tv series in Spanish in order to give my listening skills a boost and just to enjoy the story.  Having lived with an exchange […]

New year, new books!

In my previous post, I shared some book reconnaissance from our recent trip to Spain. Today I want to share four books that I bought and plan to use in my classes this year. “Cuadernos de vacaciones” were all over stores throughout our trip, so this one caught my eye: Esto NO es un cuaderno […]

El Ministerio del Tiempo

While I adore and continue to use El Internado in my intermediate Spanish classes, this year I wanted to try something different with my Heritage Spanish course.  I’m trying out El Ministerio del Tiempo, currently in season 3 in Spain.  I LOVE this show, I and have learned quite a bit from it myself.  The […]

We’re BREAKOUTing outta here!

Today is our last day of classes, and we are wrapping up with one of the most-requested activities of the year: Breakout Boxes.  I’ve found them to be a mind-boggling challenge for students that re-energized a love for learning… and taught content and soft skills along the way. This semester we did Breakout activities three […]

Tips to get them talking

  I bid a fond farewell to the purple room, the best classroom I’ve ever had in the best school I’ve ever taught.  I’ll miss them both! Though school ended about 3 weeks ago, today is actually my first “vacation” day.  We had a family vacation trip, said goodbye to our Ukrainican exchange student, hosted […]