Color Esperanza: a musical module for distance learning

As the countdown is on for classes to resume, my district has made the decision to use distance learning to start the year.  As a result, I’m working on adapting resources to function better in this altered environment.  Thanks to Lisa McHargue’s influence, I started playing with Go Formative this spring and have decided to pilot it as a key component of online learning this year.

I also feel like we could use a positive beginning to this year, and Color Esperanza fits the bill.  The original song is an oldie but goody 🙂 by Diego Torres.  It was re-released this spring with an all-star cast of performers in order to raise funds for COVID relief in Latin America.  I’ve taken activities like I would use in class and adapted them with Go Formative so that we can use it as one of our first week activities for Spanish 4/AP.  You can get a copy of the module here.  Feedback is always welcome & appreciated.

Building a Language Bridge

One of the silver linings of our unexpected extended work-from-home situation has been more time to read and tackle some lingering projects.  One of those projects was to develop some sentence builders as inspired by Gianfranco Conti. Not only do they help to bridge from input to output for students, they also can be very helpful in bridging gaps created by our sudden change in teaching and learning during the pandemic.

I’m still learning how to maximize this technique, but thought I’d share some of what I’ve developed so far.  I’d love to have your feedback!

For level 1: family, pets, & tener

For level 2: entertainment: movies & tv