Weekend Chat Update (Structures to support student learning and teacher sanity, part 4)

This year I am teaching the bookends:  levels 1 & 2… and AP.  One teacher sanity saving strategy for teaching six classes with three preps is to use the same activities across levels, adapting for the class you’re in.

Weekend chat is one of those activities. Though I have some high flyers in AP (in all classes, really) even they can benefit from scaffolded support to help them grow.  Often times AP Weekend Chat is in partners/small groups, while the lower level courses tend to be large group oriented.

Here’s a supporting document that I created to help all levels. Each student gets a copy on Monday or Tuesday (we are on an A/B schedule) to use as we have our weekend chat, then I collect them and save them for the next week.  Hope you find it helpful!

You can find editions adjusted for quarantine-friendly activities here.

Updated 9/2020: Get the Spanish edition with preterit tense here:  Weekend chat placemat

Update 9/8/2018:  A future tense version of the Spanish edition (Iré…):  Weekend chat placemat Spanish Future

Updated 9/2020 Update 9/19/2018:  An immediate future version of the Spanish edition (Voy a…)

And thanks to Lindsay Smythe Doucet, here’s a French version:  Weekend chat placemat FRENCH

Update 11/23/2018:  Thanks to Wendy Farabaugh for contributing an alternative past tense French version: Weekend chat placemat past tense FRENCH

German editions past & immediate future (I’m going to…) are here! Weekend chat placemat German

Interested in helping produce versions in other languages?  Message me! It’s fast & easy–just fill in translations in a spreadsheet & I’ll take care of the rest.

40 thoughts on “Weekend Chat Update (Structures to support student learning and teacher sanity, part 4)

  1. I love the “Level ups”!
    I’m not quite sure “Fui a mi sofá” is an authentic type of response though. My students always want to say “Fui a mi casa” and I have to work with them on saying “Me Quedé en casa/ no salí”. Perhaps a better alternative would be to respond “Solo descansé (en el sofá)”

  2. Kasey says:

    Hi – I’m curious, if I may – what do you do differently in/for AP to make their weekend chats more at their level? (Other than having do it in pairs, rather than as a class.) Thanks!

    • Hi Kasey, I ask them for more details, ask them to chat & tell me comparisons/contrasts in what their group did, and try to pull others into their reporting. We also talk about “what would you have done if you had another day for the weekend?” and similar questions to push the complexity up. Periodically we have midweek Pupdate where kids show off pics of their pets & tell us about them. Sounds simplistic—and it can be—but they invented it are into it, so we go with it 🙂

  3. Elizabeth Mehlin says:

    Could you possibly share an editable version of this with me? I love it, but we live near a lake, not a beach, and my kids are k-6 so no work for them. I would love to customize it…!

    • Hi Elizabeth, if you can edit Pages documents, yes. If not, let me know what other changes you would recommend and I’d be happy to make a younger student version.

  4. Lydia Smith says:

    Would you be willing to share an editable version? I have a few students who do not want the Fortnite llama and I’d like to do a French near future version, if it’s needed. I could also do an Italian one, if it’s still needed as well.

      • Christine Jones says:

        Hi, I love the idea. I just wondered how you created them – do you just do these on google slides?

        Thank you!

        Christine Jones French Teacher, French Club Sponsor and Gifted Coordinator Upper Dublin High School Fort Washington, PA 19034

        On Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 5:04 PM Aventuras Nuevas wrote:

        > sradibujo commented: “Hola, happy to help. Could you elaborate on your > question? ” >

  5. Isabel says:

    Hello, Sradibujo, I am wondering if you would be willing to share an editable version of the placemat. Some of the choices my students cannot use. Thanks so much! I appreciate you sharing this material with us.

  6. Jane says:

    These are fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing. One question…Where is ‘puzle’ used? Is it pronounced like an Englishy ‘poozle’? or is it ‘POOZ-lay’? I’ve only heard of rompecabezas. Thanks again!

  7. JEAN KELLOUGH says:

    I’m an AP Spanish teacher, and WOULD LOVE to help you make placemats for that level. Would you be interested?

      • JEAN KELLOUGH says:

        I’d like to first prepare a placemat which explains what to do at each turn of the conversation. Then, placemats according to AP themes (based on preguntas esenciales). How does that sound?

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