Weekend Chat Collection

Working to condense all of the weekend chat versions in one place as the options have grown!

Here are links to previous posts–look here and here for a wide range of options + various languages

1/2/22: Winter/holiday version in French. Thanks to Stephanie (@MmeCarbonneau) for the translation help!

1/1/22: Here’s a winter/holiday version in Spanish to make the return to class just a little bit easier! There’s also a version without hunting–scroll down just a bit.

Here’s one for fall activities in Spanish (past tense) and simple future

10 thoughts on “Weekend Chat Collection

  1. ¡Hola! Salut!

    Thank you so much for these! They really help support my students.
    I would love to try to create a French version. How would I go about starting? Do you have a template? Would I start with a Google slide? I’ll happily send it to you, hopefully, someone could proofread it!

  2. Amy Zeller says:

    Hello! I love these, but would love to make my own. What did you use to create the weekend placemats?
    Muchísimas gracias!

  3. Tabbatha Higginbotham says:

    These are amazing and you have done a fabulous job! I would love to make one of these for my classes, but I am not sure what to use. Pages was mentioned above, but I don’t use a Mac….is there something equivalent from Google or for a PC?

  4. Tabbatha Higginbotham says:

    These (again) are great…is there any way I could get one for Winter Break (coming up in 2 weeks)? Pretty much the same as this but without the New Year’s reference….and without Hornee…..my freshmen are just too immature for that one…….coche was 5 minutes of giggles as it was….I just can’t with them this year….lol

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