Everything you can imagine is real.

This quote from Picasso is such fun to consider, and is a refrain in my planning when working with art.  I LOVE art, and even more than that, I love connecting kids who think that they don’t like art with art that they like 🙂

While I have several art-related things in progress at the moment, this art analysis chat mat/graphic organizer for upper level students is updated & ready to roll.  It is designed to support them and scaffold thinking and speaking, as well as giving them points to consider when talking about art.  I do not expect them to memorize all the things on the chart, but I do expect that they will be able to provide details when describing art works that they do–and don’t–like.  We are heading to the art museum soon, and will certainly use the guide there, but we also use it throughout the year as we discuss a variety of works of art linked to our units.