ACTFL & FLANC 2019/2020: Level Up Frameworks

Thanks for attending our session–in person or virtually.  Erin & I are delighted to share resources from our presentation here:

Erin’s article from the TLE here.

Some blogposts about leveling up here, here, and here.

Weekend chat mats here.

Update 11/10/19: Our session was named as Top 10 of the fall FLANC conference!

5 thoughts on “ACTFL & FLANC 2019/2020: Level Up Frameworks

  1. Carmen Chavez says:

    You made me smile when I saw that the “real” USC was in SC. I have a question about an image you posted in Twitter. In the photo where we see a student working on an IPA, I see the Sube el nivel graphic on his phone. Is that just to help him remember the questions he must ask himself? And second question, do you use a text and if not, what themes do you cover in the first year? Thank you!

    • From Erin: Hi! Yes–I feel like I need to rep that UofSC was a university before California was even a state, but I digress…:) To answer your first question, I projected the graphic on the screen and had students take a picture for three reasons: 1. My dept frowns on us making any more photocopies than we actually *need*, so this was an easy way to save on copies. 2. Though you can only see one question in the picture, on the back of the page, students had 5 more questions to answer on the back of the page, as well, so it would have been a whole bunch of copies for all 6 total questions–easier to have the graphic to reference. 3. Yes–that’s to help them to remember the different kinds of information they can add to level up their answers. We talked about examples of each and I reminded them to vary how they leveled up their responses–include some pieces on info on some responses, others in other responses. I teach at the university level, and we do use a textbook. We do so because 4 of our 100-level courses need true consistency for articulation purposes, and there are between 15 and 30 sections of each of those 4 courses each semester. We make our own IPAs, though. Some of our themes are In Class (general introductory things, basic classroom items), On Campus (ar, er, ir verbs, ir, places on a university campus), Friends and Family (descriptions, stem-changers, celebrations), Travel (travel activities, hotel vocal, present progressive and verb phrases), All in a Day (reflexive verbs, daily routine, house, chores, preterite), and Eating Well (food, restaurants, healthy eating/living, all of the preterite irregulars). Hope this helps!!

      • Carmen Chavez says:

        Yes, that helps. My parents live in SC. I taught at several universities there and then moved to Florida. Now I teach at the high school level at a 1:1 private school. We use a text for uniformity also. I use Vista Higher Learning Imagina 4 and Temas that do a great job integrating media. I teach Honors, but our College Prep teachers use Realidades and that text includes IPA. What text do you use?

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