We’re BREAKOUTing outta here!

Today is our last day of classes, and we are wrapping up with one of the most-requested activities of the year: Breakout Boxes.  I’ve found them to be a mind-boggling challenge for students that re-energized a love for learning… and taught content and soft skills along the way.

This semester we did Breakout activities three times in two classes: Spanish 2 and AP Language.  Level 2’s topics were Quinceañera/McFarland USA (some quinceañera activities are adapted from the amazing Martina Bex) ; AP’s were based on the novel La Guerra Sucia from Fluency Matters and season 1 of El Internado (thanks to Dustin Williamson).  I’ll gladly share the materials for the Quinceañera & Guerra Sucia breakouts–just email me with the request.

The activities are challenging to build, but it’s so gratifying to see students diving in and grappling with the adventure.  See some pictures below!

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EVERYONE is involved!