Go! Vive a tu Manera

Go! Vive a tu Manera is a Netflix show from Argentina that I would describe as High School Musical meets Mean Girls.  I’ve seen three episodes, and to my delight, there is nothing so far that would prevent it from being used in any middle school or higher classes.

Several of my colleagues/collaborators have already been at work on materials to comprehensify the show for their classes:

And now I have some to add too!  Here are two free resources that can be used with any level class–continuing the theme of working smarter, not harder.

  • To kick things off: a guide to the principal characters on the show
  • And once students are familiar with the characters in the show, try playing Guess Who with this activity.  This can be scaled down for beginning students by focusing on physical traits like in the original board game, or scale it up for more advanced students by using questions that are based on knowing information about the characters themselves.

More to come soon!