Free resource: reader guide for 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Selena

The most recent edition of El Sol magazine from Mary Glasgow/Scholastic has an article about Selena that is a great intro into her life.  Our final unit for level 2 is biographies of world changers, so this will be a perfect addition to the content we already have.  Here’s a reader’s guide/student handout I created to accompany the article: selena activities scholastic el sol january february 2019 

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Puedo…puedo? Part 3 (Structures and Strategies for supporting student success and teacher sanity part 9)

See previous (and more detailed) descriptions of this concept here and here.

I’m continuing to fine tune one of the cornerstones to classroom management: our opening routine.  As described in earlier posts (see links above), we use a handout to guide our opening of class procedures and to get feedback from students.  Dashboard slides are key to having students being self-starters and allowing me to have a few moments to address the needs that pop up as well as build relationships with students.

Today’s update keeps the previous elements but adds two things:  a spot for students to record their upcoming assignments and the questions we use for reflection.  You can find a copy of it here:daily warmup sheet with homework line

New Year, Recycled Plan

We go back to classes on Thursday, and due to a professional development absence in December, I will see students for the first time in over two weeks. I miss them!!

That said, I am trying to maximize my time off and use high quality materials that are already set to go when we return.  We are on an alternating day calendar, so we will go back with one group of students Thursday and the other group on Friday… and then will have a weekend off.  Therefore, we are going to ease back into the year with some modified weekend chat for the novice classes and AP, and also continue our unit on holidays for AP.

For our vacation update, I found sweet inspiration at Anne Marie Chase’s blog.  I’m going to use “Muévete si” with AP and a modified version of her “guess who” activity for the novices.  Since we live in the south (where today’s high was in the 70’s), I made a different version that asks questions that involve less snow 😉  You can find a copy of the document here: Vacation back to school guess who weekend update–print two to a page to reduce the number of copies that you need 🙂

In AP we are continuing a unit on holidays, and will start with 12 Uvas–complete with a video of my family eating the uvas with one of our Spanish daughters and her family in Spain last night and a re-enactment in class.  We’ll use the Pre-uvas article from and also the deseos activities available here. We will also look at some selections from social media about the event (see slides below).

Welcome back, everyone!

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