Puedo… puedo? (Structures to support student learning and teacher sanity, part 1)

One of my goals for this year is to build a sustainable, consistent, framework on which to build my lesson planning.  I had developed a pretty good groove for several years where there was a rhythm to the week–Mondays we almost always did extensive input work, Fridays were Internado or digital work depending on the class, and other days had their particular “flavor” (thanks for that idea, Sara-Elizabeth!).  It really went well for us and made life much less stressful.

But then I changed schools and schedules.  Now I have students all year, but on alternating A/B days.  As a result, some weeks I see students twice, others three times, but it has killed my previous system.  After testing several things out last year, I’m trying again to create that scaffolding to improve teaching/learning and streamline planning while still being sustainable on an alternating day schedule.

Laura Sexton got me thinking about what she calls “Puedos” as warmups and mini-assessments.  You can see what she shared here and here.  I dabbled with them last year, but the momentum in working with them was totally killed by a string of snow/ice storms that scrambled our plans all the way to spring break.

But this year?  This year, we are starting with them in the first unit and I’m ready to go!  I have prepared them for the first units of level 1 (here) and 2 (here) , based on our curriculum’s I can statements for each unit.  I love Laura’s idea of using FlipGrid to do the teacher checkin component of them.  Now that FlipGrid is free for everyone, it’s even better!

The final piece to the Puedo puzzle for me is a form created by Meredith White.  Simply put, it organizes our warmups, adds an accountability and communication component, and streamlines the start of class.  Meredith graciously agreed to let me share my version of the form here.  I’ll give a copy of the form to each student every five days–which is the span of two weeks for our school–and they will be set up for success on a schedule.  And that is something que puedo hacer 🙂


11 thoughts on “Puedo… puedo? (Structures to support student learning and teacher sanity, part 1)

  1. Emily Serafa Manschot says:

    Bethanie my dear! You will learn to LOVE the A/B schedule! I was on it for 13 years before retiring. The first year will be an experiment but I promise you it will be OK! I don’t think I taught as much material as in a regular schedule, but my lessons were richer and deeper. You’ve got this, Chica!

  2. Erin says:

    Quick question…do you take a grade on the warm up sheet when you collect it? If so, is it completion or do you have another method?

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