Las aventuras nuevas siguen…

The last few years have been filled with new adventures, and several things are in progress to keep the adventuring going!

Here’s a list of some highlights:

  • We are excited to be hosting another exchange student in our home–this time from Spain!
  • I had the amazing opportunity to deliver a full day proficiency workshop for teachers at a neighboring school, and cannot begin to thank Amy Lenord, Kara and Meghan at Creative Language Class, and Sara-Elizabeth enough for sharing activities that were key in its success. My district supervisor and I are collaborating to begin rolling out a proficiency based program on a wider basis, and this fall I will be leading/working with several professional growth opportunities for teachers in our district.
  • One of those initiatives is the addition of This is Language to our teaching toolbox. It’s one of the best packages of authentic listening + activities that I’ve seen, and I’m excited to incorporate it on a regular basis in my classes. For those who do blended classes, this is definitely something worth checking out.
  • I’m moving to a new school that is a renaissance school–major changes there–and will be working with a team rather than being a solo teacher like at my previous school. I’ll be teaching AP Language/Culture for the first time, and in fact will be teaching levels 1, 2, 3, and AP over the course of the year.  All of this change and uncertainty has lead me to take the plunge and get the planner I’ve been wanting for a few years.  I’m already feeling a little daunted by what lies ahead of me, and I know I feel better when I’m organized and have all my to do’s in one place.
  • And the newest of the adventures: I will be department chair next year for the first time.  I just found out yesterday, so now my mind is churning with how I can best serve and lead our amazing team.  I’d love your input!  What are some of the qualities of the best leaders you’ve worked with?  What were some of the “little things” that they did that really made a difference?  Please share in the comments!


PS–There are still amazing exchange students who are waiting for host families.  If you are interested in this unique experience, let me know!