El Camino a Santiago: una lectura para presentar el tema

Walking at least part of El Camino a Santiago is a bucket list item for me, and every time I see the movie The Way (also on Netflix) the desire to walk it increases even more.  In recent years I’ve been using the film as a centerpiece around a travel unit that hopefully taps into students’ curiosity of the world around them.  It’s a smart, funny, touching film, and I love all the culture we can pull out of it.  It also adds an intriguing twist to the travel unit as it gives us reason to consider why people travel, not just the logistics of it.

That said, they need background to understand many of the nuances of the film and how walking El Camino is often more than just a long walk or a vacation.  This year we are using an infographic and reading activity to build that foundation and to spark some interest before watching the film.  If you would like the activity, you can get it here:  camino-a-santiago-infographic-mini-ipa

Update 1/11/19:  The always incredible Veinte Mundos has an article for upper intermediate learners here.

Thanks for reading!