Watch Party + AP FRQ

A quick activity for AP Spanish Language + Culture built around the concept of offering/responding to an invitation to a World Cup Watch Party in the form of a directed conversation.

This is actually two activities in one: we start with doing the conversation as a text conversation to work through how to do the task and what kinds of things are required. Then we do it in the classic form with students responding to the spoken prompts (which are the content of the first column of the text conversation). I have found that approaching this FRQ in this manner has been very helpful in boosting student confidence AND performance.

I hope you find this helpful! You can get a copy of the activity here.

Welcome ACTFL 2022!

Matt and I are thrilled and honored to present at ACTFL this year. Here are some resources from our presentation:

Matt has a “how to build a sentence builder” document here:

From Gianfranco Conti: and samples here:

Free Weekend Chat Mats here.
See Amy Lenord’s resources here.
Sample sentence builders here.

My presentation remote control is available here.