AP Simulated Conversation Practice

As we enter the home stretch for the AP Spanish Language & Culture exam, I’m focused on helping students continue to grow their language skills AND comfort level with the exam format.  Unfortunately, many of the things I would normally do at this point in the year are not viable due to our remote learning constraints.  One thing that I think will be helpful will be additional conversation practice based off of questions from the old format of this task.

When we started remote learning, students signed up to work with a conversation partner.  They have been “meeting” regularly to chat and compensate for our lack of time together in class.  Using this resource, I have assembled a paired conversation simulation from an old handout that had a bunch of these types of questions.  I don’t know the original source, but the questions are good!  They also follow a somewhat predictable format of the old conversation style tasks, so we talked about that framework as well.  While I don’t know that the format exactly mimics this year’s exam, I think that they’ll be helpful nonetheless. If you would like to see the slide show with the questions, you can view a copy here.  I hope it’s helpful for you!

Update 6 May: I’ve prepared another set of these questions for partner practice.  Also included is a slide to help students get ideas of how they might add details to their responses to show off their amazing skills!  Get the second set here.  Enjoy!


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