Level Up Language Framework–Intermediate Edition

I’ve previously written about implementing Erin Carlson’s sentence framework as an essential tool for scaffolding student writing.  So many times our students have plenty to say–and even have the language to say it–but lack the idea spark of what else to add to their ideas.  Enter in the level up language framework.

My AP students read their choice of a book ranging from comprehension based readers to recent YA (depending on their skill level) over the summer, and we are using those books as our first project for the year.  Students have a choice of projects, and I’m introducing the framework before they build their first drafts in order to start with a better product and support them in their language expression.  This lays some of the groundwork for us to build upon when it comes to tasks like the argumentative essay.  It also serves as a confidence boost in the beginning of the year.

The handout I’ve created with Erin’s permission is available here, and is applicable to any book.  It’s designed for intermediate level students–see the post linked above for a novice example.  We walk through the formulas + examples and students use the space provided on the student to apply the formulas to their own work.  We wrap it up with practice answering a few questions pertinent to their project plus a self-evaluation of their work.  I collect it when they are done and offer feedback on the form.  Students consistently report that this process is helpful to them and are empowered by the validation that they do know a lot of language.


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