Color Esperanza: a musical module for distance learning

As the countdown is on for classes to resume, my district has made the decision to use distance learning to start the year.  As a result, I’m working on adapting resources to function better in this altered environment.  Thanks to Lisa McHargue’s influence, I started playing with Go Formative this spring and have decided to pilot it as a key component of online learning this year.

I also feel like we could use a positive beginning to this year, and Color Esperanza fits the bill.  The original song is an oldie but goody 🙂 by Diego Torres.  It was re-released this spring with an all-star cast of performers in order to raise funds for COVID relief in Latin America.  I’ve taken activities like I would use in class and adapted them with Go Formative so that we can use it as one of our first week activities for Spanish 4/AP.  You can get a copy of the module here.  Feedback is always welcome & appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Color Esperanza: a musical module for distance learning

  1. profekathyny says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize they had remade this song and what a gift to share the GoFormative. I love that resource and plan to use it this year but I love seeing how you used it to create a unit/project integrated assignment. Thanks so much for sharing.

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