New year, new books!

In my previous post, I shared some book reconnaissance from our recent trip to Spain. Today I want to share four books that I bought and plan to use in my classes this year.

“Cuadernos de vacaciones” were all over stores throughout our trip, so this one caught my eye: Esto NO es un cuaderno de vacaciones. It has a variety of puzzles, reading comprehension tasks, and fun facts that will be cool brain breaks and warmups. [Buy it here]

From the 9-12 age category:

I think this series is in translation, but it looks intriguing and compelling: Agatha Mistery. [Buy it here]

Los Futbolísimos is another series that looks like a lot of fun. This has the advantage of cultural references and a story line that soccer fans will enjoy. [Buy it here]

Finally, La Chica Invisible is the latest from Blue Jeans, and it looks soooooooo good. The Canciones Para Paula series by the same author was absolutely devoured by some of my most reluctant heritage readers last year, so I’m excited to offer them more of what they like (after I finish reading it!) I think Internado fans will really like it. [Buy it here)

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