A few more books for the new year…

I’m continuing to uncover more treasures from our recent trip to Spain as I work through over 1,500 😳 photos I took while there.

One of my goals when shopping was to get a wide range of ideas for refreshing and growing my classroom library–especially for heritage learners and my advanced classes. I kept an eye out for books that seemed engaging and not too challenging, and found that the ages 9-12 section had a lot of possibilities.  You can see previous entries on the topic here and here.


First up, Chica Vampiro!


An excerpt from Chica Vampiro


There was a YouTubers section at one store. Not all of these titles are by YouTubers, but zoom in for some interesting titles.


These two series were prominently displayed in every bookstore we visited. The two on the left look suspenseful!

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