A little slice of book paradise

I took advantage of being in Madrid to go to Casa del Libro, an awesome bookstore in Spain. I bought a few books and would have bought dozens more if I had won el Gordo or if my family didn’t like to eat every day. 😉

Instead, I took pictures of titles and series that caught my eye. I was on the hunt for three major categories: books that interest me, books for my AP students (mostly adolescent/YA stuff) and for heritage learners. My classroom library is steadily growing and I was looking to add some diversity to the options currently available.

And I also took some pics of our Spanish daughter’s bookshelf:

4 thoughts on “A little slice of book paradise

  1. Thank you SO much for this post! I really feel that we as heritage teachers – myself included – aren’t using enough authentic materials. We’re using too many translated materials (Eng->Span). Not good. Your post gives us other materials to look into. Thanks!

    • Gracias! I feel that I’m at a disadvantage when choosing books for heritage learners because of the difficulty in browsing though options. I can buy them online, but the opportunity to look at them, read excerpts, and see what others recommend is invaluable. More posts coming as I get unpacked 🙂

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