Art Treasures: more good stuff from Spain

Continuing the theme of the last few blog posts, I have some more finds to share from my recent lap around Spain. Today’s haul: art related treasures.

On our trip we went to several art museums: Prado, Reina Sofía, Thyssen Bournemisza (all in Madrid), El Greco (Toledo), Picasso (Barcelona), Guggenheim (Bilbao), & Dalí (Figueres).

One significant change compared to my last trip is that several museums are no longer allowing photography of any kind. It used to be “no flash”; now it’s “no foto”. Bummer.

Since integrating art into our classes is one of my favorite things, I wanted to find some treasures to refresh my collection.

The first jewel is a Picasso memory & art game (Find it here). I made a DIY version of a similar idea on Shutterfly, and we have used it extensively in class, so I thought the Picasso addition would be cool. It is, with one exception: the cards are tiny! The Shutterfly cards are about the size of a coaster; these cards are about 1/3 that size. Nonetheless, it is well made & will be fun to use.

Next, this kids’ biography of Picasso. (Find it here) There are many other titles in this series that look interesting for our SSR library & biographies unit.

Finally, this book of Cubist masks has a variety of designs that can be cut out & colored. I’m thinking of using these resources in conjunction with Agentes Secretos this year, and may use the masks with an art/identity unit in my advanced intermediate class. (Find it here).

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