Street Food Latin America

Netflix recently launched a drool-worthy series about food and culture including five Spanish-speaking Latin American countries: Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, and Peru. Though there is debate around whether certain foods highlighted are actually “street foods”, I think the series was fascinating and captivating.

I teamed up with two incredible colleagues–Kara Jacobs (@karacjacobs, and Maris Hawkins (@Marishawkins,–to collaborate, conquer, and create viewing guides and activities to accompany each episode. There are intermediate level resources for each episode that include pre-viewing, during viewing, and post-viewing activities. There are interpretive reading tasks, cultural comparison activities, a touch of geography and much more!  Maris made also viewing guides with more scaffolding for middle school students for the Bolivia and Colombia episodes.  We also included activities to use to compare 2+ episodes to each other.  It’s been a lot of fun and I’m really proud of what we’ve produced! You can see it all for free here.

8 thoughts on “Street Food Latin America

  1. Ellen Grunder says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just stumbled across this program this week. While I was watching it with my son, he suggested that I should use it in my class. I had been making plans in my ahead for how to support comprehension and connection with my students, and then your email popped up! I am so excited! Thank you for apparently reading my mind and for being so incredibly generous with your work. You rock!

  2. Michelle Briseno says:

    Thank you for offering these amazing resources to teachers for free. I can see a lot of love went into them. Amazing job to y*all.

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