Tech Vocab for Maintaining TL Use in Distance Classes

Last week I realized that we had a hole in our class vocabulary: tech terms necessary for functions associated with distance learning.  When we are in class together, we don’t need terms like “mute” and “unmute”, but we certainly do in a remote setting, especially one where we are trying to maintain a high level of comprehensible and comprehended TL use.  Since my classes are levels 4 and AP this year, I’m striving to use Spanish for the vast majority of our time together, “saving” English only for when we need it the most.

After input from my Twitter PLN, I’ve made a resource to support students with some high frequency terms.  In addition to sharing this with students in class, I’ll add it to our digital tech notebook for their reference.  You can get a full size copy here.

Essential tech vocab.001.jpeg

Update 8/23: The power of the PLN is strong!  Ada Morley (@MmeMORLEY) has made a French edition, which you can access here.

9 thoughts on “Tech Vocab for Maintaining TL Use in Distance Classes

  1. Alvarez says:

    Sra. Dibujo,

    I love this idea and I wish I would have seen this last year! Using images instead of translations is a great way to keep the students thinking in Spanish. I would love to use this with my own class and share this with my colleagues. I teach level one Spanish, but since these words are so high frequency, I think they can benefit from learning these terms too. Thank you for sharing this great idea and sharing a full-size copy of the image.

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