Do you remember? (Adapting strategies to remote learning, part 1)

This is the first in a series of posts on strategies I’m adapting in my classroom during remote digital learning.

My current school schedule is on alternating days (A day/B day) with 55 minute periods .  As a result, we always have 2 days from one class to the next, and sometimes have 3 or 4 if we have a long weekend.  That’s a lot of time for new content to fade!  When we are face to face, Puedos help to bridge the gap, but our current technology limitations don’t always allow us to use them in a way where the ends justify the cost in time.

Enter retrieval grids.  The idea is somewhat similar to Puedos, but with a bit of a longer term twist.  Whereas Puedos are built around a particular unit and its I can statements, retrieval grids are designed to draw attention to the most current lessons AND key content from previous units in order to keep it fresh.  I use Puedos as warm-ups, but see retrieval grids as being warm-ups, transition activities, and self-checks.

I plan to put students in their small groups and use a grid as a bit of a review as we wind up our first unit.  While this grid only has content from the first unit, future grids will pull in content from other units.  Here’s an example of my grid for an intermediate unit on community service & volunteering in the community:

While the activity is currently set to be a small group social task, this is also a good benchmark of our progress through the unit so far.  It would be easy to convert these into a series of brief assessments, and my hope is that students will gain confidence in seeing that they can do the tasks outlined here.


4 thoughts on “Do you remember? (Adapting strategies to remote learning, part 1)

  1. For your A/B schedule, the days that the A students are not in school, are they also attending online? That’s where I struggle – I always have some students online at the same time that others are in class, plus some students are ALWAYS at home learning synchronously. I really like your review grid. We use Microsoft TEAMS and at this point it doesn’t have breakout rooms. For teachers that use Zoom, with the breakout rooms, this is definitely a viable option to review!

    • We have an A/B schedule all the time, not just remote learning. Students take 8 classes: 4 on one day, 4 on the next. One major shift is that our classes went from 90 minutes to 55! That has an impact on everything!

  2. LIz Eiss says:

    Hola hola! I love this idea. You always have such good ones. Did you make this grid in google slides? Is there a template? First time AP teacher. xo

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