Watching–and Learning From–El Internado

edited on 1 Feb., 2015 to include episode 6

Kara Jacobs (find her here) and I found each other through our PLN on Twitter, and I am a better teacher for it!  Recently we have been collaborating on some viewing guides for our classes to accompany episodes of El Internado, and we would like to share them here.  I have found them to be immensely helpful in aiding comprehension as well as with addressing the issue of student absences on viewing days and with recapping the story between viewings.  We credit Mr. Peto with giving us the idea of doing recaps this way.  I added a “mi glosario” section to the later episodes to encourage students to keep a personal dictionary as we progressed through the series.  Since our class is about 50/50 native/non-native speakers, it’s been very difficult to create a vocabulary “list” that addresses all their needs… so they are making their own!

Here are the viewing guides for episodes 3-6 of season 1:

El Internado Capítulo 3 Viewing Guide for blog

El Internado, capítulo 4 viewing guide for blog

El Internado capitulo 5 summary for blog

El Internado capitulo 6

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