We Built This City

As we begin talking about communities in our level 1 class, I’ve dusted off and updated an activity that I used a while ago, but had forgotten about–an interpretive activity that directs students to draw a map of a fictional city.  Adapted from a retired colleague who was way ahead of his time (Bob Hall from Colorado, I thank you for your generosity that continues today!), I’ve updated it for modern times.

In this activity, students receive a set of instructions in Spanish to draw a map of San Jacinto, a fictional city.  While this may seem simple at face value, it is deceivingly complex.  They need to be able to read carefully, use spatial skills (uf!  this is a challenge!), and work collaboratively with their partners, in addition developing their language skills.  I love that it engages them and challenges them, as well as that it allows me to be a facilitator rather than up front for the period.

Here’s a copy of the activity if you would like to try it. Let me know how it goes!San Jacinto city drawing activity

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