Camp Musicuentos

I LOVE SUMMER. No alarm clocks. Lots of time to play, explore, and go on adventures with our extended family. And now this: Camp Musicuentos!

I’m thrilled to announce that Sara Elizabeth Cottrell has decided to host Camp Musicuentos in my part of the world, and I’ll be assisting along with Laura Sexton (@SraSpanglish).  Registration is open and filling fast!  Click here for more information.

One thought on “Camp Musicuentos

  1. Hi, Bethanie. I met Wendy Farabaugh at Camp Musicuentos this summer in Louisville, and she said you would be a really great contact for me to have. I am a pretty new teacher, with mostly Spa 1 (with which I feel more confident), but a class of Spa 3/4 that is mostly native speakers, but some L2 learners. I tried to create my units over the summer, but when I found it was mostly hispanohablantes, I began second-guessing. I am planning to do a “48 hours in my city” unit, an art/artists unit, a couple TPRS novels (robo, vida y muerte), a global events or guerra sucia unit, and a “here is my story” type of unit. I am new at creating curriculum, and I am wondering if you have any advice or helpful resources. Thank you so much!

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