Mis Dos Mundos: El Cole

My family is currently hosting our fourth exchange student, and for the first time our student is from a Spanish speaking country.  Our previous students have been from France and Ukraine, and have added a dynamic to our family that is immeasurable.  From a WL teacher’s standpoint, having a resident language and cultural expert for the language I teach at my dinner table each night has been a true delight.  She only has about two more months with us before she returns to Spain, and in that time I’m working on a series of resources called “Mis Dos Mundos”, where I will interview Olatz on common topics related to class and create comprehensible resources for students based on them.  I like the idea that I’ll be drawing a direct connection with an authentic source, and also that we will have inherent comparison and contrast of the two worlds. Plus, it will be fun!  We will be hearing from a teen who is a lot like them… and who brings a different perspective.

Our first installment is about comparing and contrasting Olatz’ school in País Vasco and her school in the US.  The first document is the reading that we created from the interview; the second is a reading performance assessment built on the ACTFL IPA model/rubric.  I hope that they are helpful and interesting to you.

  1.  Olatz school description 
  2.   Olatz school IPA

What topics would you like to see us address?

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