Weekend Update: Quarantine Edition

I finally finished a project that’s been rolling around in my mind for a while: an at-home edition of weekend update.  This edition has less emphasis on weekends and more on what we’ve been doing during our time at home. Update 1/3/21: I’ve added a quarantine/winter holiday break edition to scaffold those back to school […]

Scaffolding Student Output: SWCOLT 2021

This weekend marks a first for me: attending and presenting at SWCOLT’s conference. As an east coast resident I don’t make it out to the SWCOLT region often, and I’m excited to hear the work that teachers in that region are doing. Thanks for welcoming me! I’ll be presenting on Sunday, March 28 in the […]

ACTFL & FLANC 2019/2020: Level Up Frameworks

Thanks for attending our session–in person or virtually.  Erin & I are delighted to share resources from our presentation here: Erin’s article from the TLE here. Some blogposts about leveling up here, here, and here. Weekend chat mats here. Update 11/10/19: Our session was named as Top 10 of the fall FLANC conference!

Musical March Madness–AP edition, part 1

This morning has brought a welcome dose of quiet after a few particularly hectic weeks. Some plans got cancelled for this weekend, everyone is still asleep, and I’m finally able to think through & share a unit I’m working on that I think will appeal to others–an upper level version of Musical March Madness. Though […]

New Year, Recycled Plan

We go back to classes on Thursday, and due to a professional development absence in December, I will see students for the first time in over two weeks. I miss them!! That said, I am trying to maximize my time off and use high quality materials that are already set to go when we return. […]

Puedo…puedo? Part 2

Continuing today with the ongoing series of posts of structures I use in my classes to support student learning and teacher sanity–this time with a follow up.  You can see more of this series here, here, here, here, and here.) The first post in this series introduced the idea of merging Puedos a la Sra. Spanglish […]