Leveling Up with a Sentence Framework

This is an update and addition to previous presentations/documents in collaboration with Erin Carlson around the topic of supporting and scaffolding student output. See more about her work here, including an article she wrote for The Language Educator.

In previous posts (including the one above) I have shared a handout that I used in my classes to walk students through the three formulas that Erin recommends for elevating the complexity of sentence construction, even for level 1. While that form is still helpful, I wanted an edition that was editable by others–including students–to make it more effective in remote & hybrid environments. You can download a copy here. Thank you to Rebecca Blouwolff for her suggestions in the re-imagining process.

There are two versions in the file: the first version has touches of Spanish; the second version is completely in English. Both are set up to print OR be used in a digital environment. Teachers can edit anything by editing the master, and students can write directly in the document using the text boxes provided.

I hope you find them helpful :). Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Leveling Up with a Sentence Framework

  1. Laura Catherine Carruthers-Green says:

    Hello! I am interested in learning more about this! I downloaded the Slides, but am having a hard time following the process outlined in them (blaming it on fried teacher brain at this point!). Would you be to provide an example of these Slides filled out or some more guidance on how students work to fill this out? I would appreciate it!

    • Hi, thank you for reading. The TLE article walks through the background info. In this document, the teacher provides a model/mentor sentence for each of the formulas, then leads students through creating one of each of their own. Finally, students use these formulas to create complex responses to questions. Does this make sense? If not, we’ll try another approach 🙂

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