Peer Review of Email FRQ in AP (Adapting strategies to remote learning, part 2)

One of the strategies that I find helpful in working with students to improve their writing performance is peer reviewing. Using it as a step between “first draft” and “hand it in to the teacher” has been beneficial in reducing oversight errors and improving the overall product.  I want to continue using it even though we are at a distance.  My first attempt this year crashed & burned because I made it too complicated.

Thankfully, I have a group of experts who are willing to help me grow & improve: my students. When it was clear that what I had designed (pairs in Google Meets–18 of them running simultaneously) was NOT going to work, I asked for their help and we recreated the design together. And it was much better.

I shared the resulting document (which you can find here) with students via Google Classroom, making a copy for each student. Due to our current tech limitations, we abandoned the required video conference, but the feedback was still good.  There are directions in the document that are specific to our class and our logistics. You can easily edit them for your context, and I opted to leave them in to give you an idea how it worked in our class.

4 thoughts on “Peer Review of Email FRQ in AP (Adapting strategies to remote learning, part 2)

    • Aww thanks! There’s so much pressure to be perfect all the time, & it’s unhealthy. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to grow with my students, and to have them be active players in the process. Thanks for your encouragement!

  1. Laura Abuhl says:

    I am excited to implement this! Thank you for sharing! In the Non-video AP intro Doc, you mention that the peer reviewer should have answered the “five questions.” Where are those questions found or did I perhaps overlook something? Thanks in advance!

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