30 Circles

My Twitter #PLN is the best!  This idea originally comes from Samara Spielberg (see original tweet here) and is posted with her permission.

The idea is to use a sheet with 30 circles to spark ideas from students about their activities.  They will draw an activity in each circle, and can connect circles to create their images.  My students will then post their pics around the room and will browse them, gallery walk style.  They will use the handout provided to take notes on what they see on their classmates’ pictures.  Then we will follow up with some comparison and contrast.

In the linked document 30 circles, there are two versions of the student note-taking handout–one for past (what did you do over break?) and one for future (what will you do in the new year?).  Since most of the students who will be doing this activity in my classes are seniors, I’ll use the future version.  It also helps to remove stress for students whose break might not have been a highlight.  (Thanks to Adrienne for this reminder!) I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to say!  I’m hoping it will ease us back into speaking Spanish after a long break, and help us to look forward to what’s to come.

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