Hace tiempo…

This year I’m tackling another new challenge: only teaching intermediate students.  For the past few years I’ve had the beginners & AP, but this year I’m working with level 4 and AP only.  I’m also working on continuing to restructure our curriculum in a way that supports proficiency growth and comprehensible input.

One of the functional chunks that I’ve noticed was missing in my intermediate students’ toolbox is the concept of expressing how long ago/for how long they had been doing something.  This is a natural follow up question to the personalized interviewing that we have been doing to build community in our classroom at the start of the year.

Fonseca’s song Hace Tiempo is a fun introduction into this topic, with music and culture too.  I created a slide show to introduce students to who he is and a bit about Colombia with connections to other artists we’ve studied, a Quizlet set to support newer vocabulary, as well as some song activities and quick practice of the structure.  We capped off this phase of the lesson with Kitroduce Yourself on Gimkit.  Students wrote 3 truths & 1 lie about themselves, all including phrasing of “how long” in their statements.  We wrapped things up with dancing along with a zumba video of the song that sparked joy & wonder 🙂   All in all, a great first week!

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