22 Otra Vez: 1 video, 3 leveled plans

In an example of working smarter, not harder, all my classes–levels 1-AP– are working with the Spanish lottery commercials 22 Otra Vez & Justino this week.  These short films are engaging and thought-provoking, and versatile enough to be intriguing and accessible to novices as well as upper intermediate students.

If you are planning to use these videos, don’t miss the incredible materials created by Kara Jacobs (start here).  Her materials have created most of the activities for my plans this week.

I made some adaptations specific to AP that I’ll share below.  While the novice classes  and lower intermediates benefit greatly from the picture talk activities that Kara created, the AP students are on a different level.  For me, the videos serve as a springboard for conversation, especially with an eye to cultural comparison and holidays in general.  The cultural background of my students is diverse, and while these commercials connect to a “Christmas” lottery, I want the focus of our conversations to be the holidays and traditions we celebrate in our communities, not just Christmas.  We will continue this study after winter break with things like New Years’ traditions, gift giving, feast days, etc.

Here are today’s discussion questions:

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And here is a quick reading about the lottery: La loteria reading practice AP


2 thoughts on “22 Otra Vez: 1 video, 3 leveled plans

  1. David says:

    Will you reuse the same videos with students next year who have already used them this year in a lower level? Thanks for the insight!

    • Hi David, maybe. I don’t necessarily repeat kids from one year to the next, so that makes it easier. Some of the films, like Justino, are crowd favorites & kids are excited to see them again even if we don’t do a lot with them the second time around. And when I do reuse them in later levels, the activities are significantly different so it doesn’t seem so repetitive. I’m continually working on exploring how one set of resources can be used in multiple levels to streamline planning.

      Thanks for asking—and for reading!

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