Two new resource packs: Pets & Thanksgiving

I’ve been editing and streamlining some resources into more cohesive activity packs.  Today I wrapped up two of them, both for novice learners:  Pets and Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving activity pack is an IPA-style activity to lead students through reading and chatting about Thanksgiving history and traditions in the US.  It is designed for novice high-intermediate low range language learners, and is available for purchase here.

The pets IPA-style activity pack combines a class-sourced Mascota Especial activity, interviews, listening comprehension based on a trailer for The Secret Life of Pets, and a community-action oriented presentational writing task about pets available for adoption in local shelters.  I use these activities in level one before working on family because we get practice with high frequency topics (name, age, description, likes/dislikes) but with fewer options–so more reps.  You can download this pack from my TPT store here.


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