Music for Monday: The Rock You Like a Hurricane edition

We dodged a bullet.

Living in NC, the last week or so has been dominated by Hurricane Florence and we’ve been out of school since Wednesday.  We are fine in la Casa de la Profa.  My family at the coast is also fine, but they haven’t had power for several days and probably won’t for a while.  A generator is getting them through the essentials and though we would like to help, the roads between us and them are not passable at this time.  Chef José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen is doing great work in the parts of the region that have been most affected by the effects of the hurricane by feeding first responders, shelter residents, and anyone else who needs a solid hot meal.  I volunteered with them yesterday and can attest to their awesomeness.  Check them out here, and if you are so moved, they are accepting donations.

Now, on to the music.

Being home and hunkered down for a few days has given me a chance to work on some musical curricular projects that have been on my mind for my level 2 class, and I’m sharing three of them here today.

Natalia deLaat shared a document to guide French students through sharing their opinions about a song.  She generously shared it with me and with her permission, I converted it to Spanish.  Find it here.

Have you heard of Operación Triunfo? It’s a show in Spain that is similar to The Voice or American Idol in the US.  It is back, and kicks off its new season on Wednesday.  This is the show that launched the careers of David Bisbal and David Bustamante, among others.  The winner of the show this year not only gets a recording contract, but also will be Spain’s entry into this year’s Eurovision competition.  This activity pack contains readings and activities about both OT and Eurovision, and includes a Guess Who? style game as well as a Señora Chase-inspired simplified interpretive task.  Find it here:  Operacion Triunfo Eurovision

Finally, thanks to the amazing Neil Jones, there is an activity pack based on La Voz Kids Colombia. It also has a couple comprehensified readings as well as an EdPuzzle and a conversation starter. Find it here:  La Voz Kids Colombia

Though I teach level 2, I also teach AP.  Over the summer I worked with some other teachers to create tasks for level 2 that directly support AP in the future.  One of this is to work with cultural comparisons, and this is what we will do to wrap up this music mini unit. Students will use what they have studied about music shows in Spanish-speaking countries and compare it to similar shows in their home cultures in an AP-style format.  I can’t wait to see what they create!


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