On the Way to School

A quick note with some resources to revamp a tired, boring, and pretty much pointless novice level school unit. In the course of this new unit I want students to begin to gain an appreciation for the value of education throughout the world, especially with an eye to comparing school cultures around the world.  So much better than just listing school supplies & favorite classes!

Some helpful resources:

  • A gallery walk with the materials available here from the amazing Neil Jones.
  • The film On the Way to School–in many languages throughout the film, including Argentine Spanish
  • Trailer of film about Malala + interpretive activities here: Malala
  • An interpretive reading and activity created by me and the exchange student from País Vasco who lived with my family two years ago.  It leads to a sentence frame for students to prepare a description of their school lives.  Find the documents here:
    Olatz school description level 1 for blog and Olatz School comprehension + hula hoop venn for blog  We also worked on comprehension of these topics with Gimkit.
  • There is an older Zachary Jones activity about back to school in Bolivia & purchasing school supplies that is also intriguing.
  • Finally, we will wrap things up with preparing welcome videos for incoming students who speak Spanish.

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