Puerto Rico, María, Lin-Manuel Miranda, & Chef José Andrés

I adore Puerto Rico, and have had the honor of working on the island for short periods of time.  So when María hit the island, it was personal.  It was days before we knew anything about our friends’ health and safety.  Thankfully, our closest friends Myraira and her family are safe and sound, but there are some friends’ family members who are still out of touch–over two months later.  The vast majority of the island still doesn’t have consistent electricity–over two months later.

Students in our IB school need to design and execute a service project at some point this year, so I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to equip them with knowledge to tackle a project for Puerto Rico if they wanted to do so.  Using materials from Martina Bex and Kara Jacobs as a starting point, I added some additional pieces to support my AP classes.

First, an EdPuzzle on the science of hurricanes.

The song — Almost Like Praying— and an interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda about it; another interview here.

Have you followed Chef José Andrés’ efforts in Hurricane Relief?  I’m in awe at what he has done, and adapted an article from the Spanish edition of the New York Times here: Jose Andres’ response in Puerto Rico after Maria.  Follow their work on Twitter at @chefjoseandres and @WCkitchen .  Here’s a little of what they did for Thanksgiving. 60 Minutes appears to be doing a segment on José Andrés tonight. You can watch it here.

Mail service in Puerto Rico is happening, but it’s slow and sporadic.  As a result, my friends on the ground in PR are saying that the best way to help is to send digital WalMart gift cards so that people can buy essentials like water, batteries, fans, insect repellant, and mosquito nets.  I’m sending another round to them soon, and know that Myraira’s family has been using what we’ve sent to help people who need it even more than they do.

Want to help?  Please message me!

2 thoughts on “Puerto Rico, María, Lin-Manuel Miranda, & Chef José Andrés

  1. Deirdre says:

    THIS POST WAS AMAZING. a lifesaver. I was doing a Puerto Rico unit and this was the perfect way to sum up all the history and bring it into today’s current events. My kids thought it was so cool to see something so current, (and popular, Luis Fonsi, LMM, Camila Cabello, etc.) and some had even recalled the 60 minutes special about it! Thank you thank you GRACIAS for sharing such a solid lesson. The article was so well-scaffolded as well. I am so appreciative of this. Do you have a tpt?

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