El Ministerio del Tiempo: El Tiempo es La Gloria

By popular demand among my heritage language students, we are back with another episode of Ministerio del Tiempo.  Episode 2 deals with Lope de Vega’s near miss of his assigned ship when the Armada Invencible sailed against England.

To support this episode, here’s what we will do:

  • Open with the Alatriste trailer here
  • Quizlet with vocab and key concepts here
  • A brief video guide here.  I prepared a much more detailed guide for the first episode.  Initially it was helpful as students were getting the hang of the show.  Later on though, I was finding that it was distracting students from watching the show rather than supporting it.  However, we are on an A/B schedule, so we have gaps between when we see the show.  Thus the purpose of the viewing guide has become to help students remember what they’ve seen.
  • We will read/analyze Góngora’s Soneto CLXI (a work on the AP Spanish Lit reading list) and one of Lope de Vega’s works.
  • Plan to use the podcast on the Siglo de Oro at spanishpodcast.net
  • Close out with a FlipGrid mini video blog.

Important notes:

  1.  The actor who plays the youngest Alonso is actually the son of the actor who plays the oldest Alonso.
  2. As always, preview the episode before showing it and decide whether it meets your community’s standards.  But definitely skip the scene from 38:43-39:43 (on the DVD) because there is no way it’s appropriate for school.

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