FLANC 2016 and Beach FLANC 2017: Social Justice in the Intermediate Classroom

Welcome FLANC participants! Here are links and resources to help you include social justice issues in the classroom.

Special thanks to Carol Gaab at Fluency Matters  and Wayside Publishing for donating the door prizes!


General Resources:

Words and Actions (ACTFL publication)

Social Justice Playlist

Social Justice Through Film:

Cuerdas:  video, activities

El Regalo (The Present): video

Bear Story: video, my post on related resources

También La Lluvia (available on Amazon & Netflix [as Even the Rain])

Social Justice Through Reading:

Reading–strategies & what to do with text here (especially pages 15-17) and here

Esperanza: buy book/teachers’ guide, resources on other blogs here, here, and here

La Travesia de Enrique–Sonia Nazario  Interview with Maria Hinojosa here

Felipe Alou: buy book/TG, resources on other blogs, my post on related resources

Robo en la Noche:  buy book/TG, resources on other blogs

La Guerra Sucia:  buy book/TG, resources on other blogs; video below here

Carta Abierta a mi Nieto por Juan Gelman

Listening comprehension task from Martina Bex

Universal Declaration of Human Rights–which is the most important to you?

Social Justice Through Action:

Tejidos textbook  LOVE the section on Global Citizenship to lay a foundation on the topic of social justice

Micro lending project:  Kiva, kiva-webquest, Living on One (on Netflix), resources on other blogs here and here

School supply driveLaura Sexton

Pulsera project

El precioso gesto contra el racismo

Radio Ambulante

This American Life:  What Happened at Dos Erres?  and related Spielberg documentary

(not social justice–but interesting to NC Spanish teachers:  Cris in the USA video blog)


4 thoughts on “FLANC 2016 and Beach FLANC 2017: Social Justice in the Intermediate Classroom

  1. Robyn Lance says:

    HI. I attended your session at FLANC. It was great. In which level do you read Felipe Alou and watch Sugar? It seems pretty adaptable but I wondered what you typically do. Muchas Gracias, Robyn

      • Robyn Lance says:

        Thank you so much. I tried it with my level 3 students this semester and thinking of moving it to the end of level 2. Thanks again for your feedback!!!

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