Classroom Tour Fall 2016

I’m a little late to the start of the year party, but thought I’d share some pics of my classroom this year. The “living room” idea was such a hit that it has now expanded to two areas.


Bar height table plus spinny stools–great workspace for fidgeters & students who want to stand to work.  A peel & stick decal gives the group a whiteboard.  The small plastic bin is the “holding cell” for teléfonos traviesos.


The round table in the middle of the room is awesome for small group work, a central place to pick up materials, and to be able to see the board well.


This pier of desks at the back of the room is helpful for teamwork and pair work too



For students who prefer traditional desks, we have these…


“Living Room” #2–thanks to Ikea, Craigslist, & Target. The lid comes off the gray footstool to provide additional storage. Mini whiteboard decals are on the wall in the background so that groups have a place to record their thoughts.


“Living Room” #1–again thanks to Ikea, Target & Craigslist. I covered the top of the table with whiteboard peel & stick material, so it is a whiteboard table for this group.


Front of the room with word wall, IKEA kitchen cart as a projection/work station for me. Our growing classroom library is on the far right, including this spinning literature rack that is great for magazines


Our home base station–scissors, markers, spare notebooks, lotion, sanitizer, and texts. Our goals will be up here, but right now it is where I parked the names of people who have volunteered to do one of our classroom jobs.


2 thoughts on “Classroom Tour Fall 2016

  1. Thank you. It is… and it isn’t. The round table in the middle is key–can fit up to 5 there in a small footprint. So it takes advantage of open space without cluttering it.

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