Gotta Catch Them All!

My son & his friends–and many of our students– were totally caught up in the Pokemon Go! craze this summer. I knew something was up when suddenly “taking the dog for a walk” in the heat of the US South became a daily event.

We have just completed day 5 of Spanish 1 and we are currently working on greetings & introductions after having talked about proficiency for a couple of days. I’m leveraging Pokemon to give students an audience and to help build relationships with key staff members. Our school’s motto is “Every Student College Ready” and the idea of “catching” all students is prevalent throughout our work.

Each student received a sheet with pictures of 8 staff members who agreed to participate in this challenge with their “Pokemon identities”–the most elusive Pokemon in the world. Now the students have a week to “catch them all” by finding each staff member at lunch or before/after school and engaging them in a basic conversation in Spanish.

Some of our participating staff members speak Spanish comfortably, while others do not. Students will take on the role of teaching those who do not how to say what they need to say.

Student engagement went UP when they realized they were actually going to have this conversation. It’s my hope that this will increase visibility for the work that we do in WL and also that it will open doors to positive relationships with our admin & intervention staff.

Train on friends!

2 thoughts on “Gotta Catch Them All!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love this idea! Could you share the template that you made up and the parameters you set for the students? Our school is hosting a group of students from Spain and I’m thinking that this idea would be great to encourage more of our students (who aren’t hosting) to interact with them….

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