Clipboards = Game Changer

I like–and often times love–the things that technology allows me to do in the classroom.  However, there are times where the simplest, most humble tool is the best option to get the job done.  Today I would like to reintroduce you to one of these tools–the clipboard:

my favorite--a gift from my 6 yr old nephew :)

my favorite–a gift from my 6 yr old nephew 🙂

Here are three ways that a clipboard is a game changer for my classroom:

1.  It helps me to keep my stuff together.  At the beginning of the semester when I know nobody’s name, the attendance clipboard is a lifesaver.  Add a Command Hook to hang it on and we are in business!

2.  It’s a hall pass.  My school actually uses clipboards as our hall passes, which means I don’t have to write them each time a student needs to go somewhere.

3.  It frees our motion up from being tied to a desk.  Remember our classroom love seat (aka “the bro seat”?) 



This little gem is the most sought-after seat in our classroom.  It’s in the front row, but with 90 minute classes, the prospect of seating in a chair that isn’t hard and plastic is enough to conquer their disdain for sitting up front.  We have several “comfy” spots around the room, and encourage students to take advantage of them to improve their attention level and engagement–especially after three straight 90 minute classes.  See the clipboards?

We also use them for when we want students to be up and about–doing surveys, completing activities like gallery walks, etc.  We have several and leave them out in a few places around the room.  Students help themselves to them like this guy:

la foto 1

All told, they are an inexpensive investment (about $1 each) and they help to make our room a little happier.  And who can’t use a little more happy in their lives? 🙂

What low tech, inexpensive tools have been surprisingly helpful in your classroom?  Please share in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Clipboards = Game Changer

    • Thanks for the link! We have those as well, and they get put into action as clipboards when we run out of actual clipboards. It would be awesome if someone would make a hybrid: whiteboard clipboards!

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