And the winner is…

In the novice class, the next unit is centered around what’s trending in entertainment, fashion, and how they spend their free time.  We are continuing to develop functional skills in expressing opinions, asking original questions, and expanding descriptions.  We had grand plans of how we were going to pre-load this before Sunday’s Oscars, but Mother Nature had other ideas and we are currently on our fourth straight ice/snow day.  Nonetheless, we will continue using the topic of recent awards shows to help generate conversation and discussion.  The Oscars are this Sunday, the Goyas were a few weeks ago, as were the Grammys.  I saved a bunch of tweets to use as reading comprehension resources, and we used them as an introductory activity to the unit.  While my amazing student teacher is taking the helm with this year’s activities, I’ve included last year’s below.  Use it if you wish!  We will update with the new one soon.

Oscar Tweets

3 thoughts on “And the winner is…

    • Thanks for your encouragement. The key for me to finding the tweets was to have a variety of good sources who were live-tweeting the event and to favorite them as they popped up. It was awesome to see them discover language–and discover that they could, indeed, understand things if they tried. It was a fun and refreshing unit!

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