What’s going on?

I find that while my students are curious about the world around them, their experience beyond our community is limited–even to the extent that they haven’t explored our state capital and all its offerings despite the fact that they are only 20 minutes away. My intermediate students have also indicated to me that they want more practice with listening, and I think I’ve found a tool to blend the two together.

Thanks to an idea from Karen Goering’s handout from ACTFL, I’ve started using BBC’s Boletín once a week for a source of listening materials for my level 4 class. Following her ideas, we’ve been listening to one of the 60 second newscasts a week and completing some comprehension, vocabulary building, and summarizing activities that I’ve created to accompany it. Using iPads or their phones and headphones, students listen and watch at their own pace.  The original site has a text summary, but so far I have not had students use it, preferring to just use the video and audio sources.

I’m finding that this is pushing all my students–native and non-native alike. Both groups are growing in their awareness and their comfort/understanding of spoken Spanish (based on their feedback). I have also found that, having heard of some of these topics before, when we come across common “news” vocab again or mention countries/continents/government bodies, that they recognize them.

Here are links to this week’s activities:

Boletín–5 de febrero

BBC Boletin 5 febrero 2015  –activities to accompany video

4 thoughts on “What’s going on?

  1. Cristina says:

    WOW!!! What a great activity! I, too, think that my IB students should be completing some kind of listening activity from a world perspective. Thanks for the idea! If I happen to make one, I’ll send it to you. Great inspiration!

    • Thanks, I’m glad that presenters at ACTFL were generous enough to share the idea. My students have found the assignments challenging, though thru have also said that they have improved from week to week. I am amazed by what they do–and do not–know about the world around them.

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