It’s all coming together


The time has come: winter break is nearly over, and it’s time to go back to school.  This next week is a special flavor of crazy, though, because all of the following are happening:

  1. My student teacher begins her full time internship with me.
  2. We are returning from holiday break.
  3. We have 4 days until final exams begin… then we do exams and turn around and begin new classes (but most of my students stay the same).

All this comes together to mean that it’s been weeks since most of my students have used their language skills AND they have to complete an assessment at the end of the week that is worth 20% of their final grade (district mandate).  So while there’s no way to “review” it all, there are definitely some things that need to be refreshed, some others that need to be retaught or reinforced, and others that perhaps need to be recast.  We have a variety of engaging tools to choose from, but I found this blog post (click on text to see original post) in the summer and saved it for this week.  We will be doing a version of it at least one day this week.

I like the idea of students getting to work in teams, and also that they get fresh questions every few minutes. I particularly like the idea that my ST and I are free to walk around and coach students as needed–because whether a concept needs to be refreshed or recast will vary from student to student.  I also like the idea that I can use a primary document/authentic resource as the contents of some of the folders; it affords us the opportunity to get more practice with a concept without simply redoing an activity that we’ve already done.

I’d like to have about 8-10 folders, as we have 90 minute periods.  Here are my planned topics so far for the novice class:

  • interpersonal question cards about leisure activities
  • Q&A based on a People En Español article
  • scaffolded interpersonal questions about sports
  • Q&A based on a listening activity
  • …?  (I’ll have to figure this out tomorrow!)

What suggestions do you have?  How do you review at the end of a term? Please share in the comments!


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4 thoughts on “It’s all coming together

  1. Linda says:

    The link to the blog post with the description of the review activities doesn’t work. Can you please provide more details? Thanks.

  2. Holy crap, Drew! That envelope thing could be perfect for IPA structuring! The listening one sounds tricky, but you could really have some article or infograph in every envelope! Would you want to focus on interpersonal here or maybe have them do some writing or Google Voice type speaking?

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