Technology Cheat Sheet

Short, sweet, and simple today, my colleagues:  Here is a handout that I use with my students throughout the year to give them a list of sites that we use throughout our classes and their usernames/passwords for those sites. At some point in the first week of school, we have a technology lab and students set up all of their accounts for the year at once.  Since I usually have students for at least two levels consecutively, this ends up being quite a time saver from a classroom perspective, and a sanity saver for me so that I don’t have to use my time looking up information and re-setting passwords.  I copy them 2 to a page on obnoxiously colored paper so that it’s hard to lose and they put them in their binders.  Click here if you would like to see the full document.  Happy School-Eve!

tech cheat sheet screen shot for web


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