#langcamp LIVE and in person!

Ever wish you could have all your #langchat friends with you when you were planning?  I certainly do!  Aventuras Nuevas actually began about a year ago when I left the school where I’d taught for 15 years to take a position at another school.  The new school needed a major curriculum overhaul, so I asked my Twitter friends, especially those from #langchat, for help in designing a new, vertically aligned, proficiency-based curriculum.

So many volunteered that #langcamp was born as an online community.  Throughout the summer of 2013, we shared resources, Skyped together, and tossed around the idea of a “teacher camp” at the beach. Logistically though, it just didn’t work out on relatively short notice, so instead we continued our digital collaboration and dreamed of “someday”… someday meeting face to face, someday working together in person, and someday sharing an amazing professional development experience together.

So, that brings us to our super awesome exciting news!  It is with great joy and a little trepidation that Laura Sexton (SraSpanglish) and I –with help from our friend Srta. Johnson–are proud to announce that we will have Langcamp LIVE this summer in Asheville, NC on July 9-10, and all language teachers (including pre-service teachers) are invited to join us.  You won’t want to miss two days of high quality participant-driven collaboration in a beautiful family friendly environment.  We have a great retreat planned, and we encourage you to bring your families too.

Registration is open NOW, and there’s an early bird discounted rate for the first 15 participants.  Hope to see you there!





2 thoughts on “#langcamp LIVE and in person!

  1. Bryan says:

    Sounds like a great PD opportunity! Would it be possible to know the schedule on the 9th and 10th? I’m a Spanish teacher in Bangkok but will be visiting family in NC for the summer. Came across this page and think that I’d like to try to make it.

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