Veamos la tele: Let’s watch TV

Today was our first day back from Spring Break, and the kids were energized and ready to learn.  Don’t I wish?! Knowing that all of us were going to need a little pick me up, and also knowing that we needed to review and build upon the concepts of expressing opinions and descriptions, I planned a mini-unit around watching tv, and the contemporary concept of “binge watching” of series.

Our essential question continues to center around “how do we spend our spare time?”, and the cultural focus is on comparing products and practices as represented through tv watching habits.  We will talk about Sábado GiganteDon Francisco, El Barco, and El Internado.  In fact, as we are wrapping up registration for next year, I’m going to use the intro to El Internado as a carrot to encourage students to continue their studies in the intermediate class in the fall.

We started with questions based on prompts around screen title shots for tv shows that the students had indicated that they liked to watch.  Questions emphasized repetitions of phrases like te gusta, te interesa, te apetece, prefieres, and qué opinas for opinion-giving, and also a quick review of descriptions and comparisons. We followed up with color-categorizing content from tweets about binge-watching and extracting some relevant vocabulary.

Tomorrow we will continue with stations!  One of my favorites! Stay tuned for updates.

You can download the packet complete with the audio prompts for listening here.  Audio prompts are from

3 thoughts on “Veamos la tele: Let’s watch TV

  1. Things I love:
    1) using titles and tweets as #authres for novices
    2) reinforcing relevant question structures
    3) color coding tweets (a la Tiesa Graf?) to demonstrate interpretation
    4) carefully plotting to get students hooked like a genuine #authres dealer

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